Roaring River


The river is low for this time of year, the water is clear, the dry fly fishing is great; right now we are fishing dark wooly buggers, prince nymphs, copper johns, lightning bugs, small gold jigs, small thread jigs and brassies; large dry flies will take a few here and there; the fish are still reacting to a hopper or beetle; glo balls and the San Juan worms, in bright orange and red are also working; the water is back to normal and the use of Power Bait is recommended if you just want to catch a fast limit of trout, the orange, brown and white are all good in the eggs; if you are using the worms, the orange peel, black/yellow, John Deere green, electric chicken and cheese are all working; small gold spoons are really good if you fish them deep and slow; small spinners still work fine; jigs are catching fish, 1/32 and smaller are best, a few people have been catching trout on the white and olive micro jig; larger jigs are working best, in the darker colors, olive, black, black/yellow and dark brown have all been working well; in the clear water the use of 2-lb line is recommended; if you go into zone 3 night crawlers and minnows would be good choices, or any of the bright colored Power Baits should work.



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